Miniature Handmade Decorative Bee Skep Beehive Embellished Tiny Flower Leaves Turquoise Aqua Blues Farmhouse Country Rustic Bee Keepers Gift


Item details


rope, plant pot, hot glue, molds, paint


Height: 3 Inches; Width: 2.25 Inches


Handmade decorative bee skep/ beehive adorned with tiny flower and leaves in turquoise, aqua blues. Applied to a pot for a solid, sturdy base


Please note: The only thing for sale in this listing is the bee skep in the first 4 pictures. All other items are for staging, any other bee skeps are to show other styles we have to offer.

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Miniature Bee Skep Beehive Tiny Flower Leaves Aqua Farmhouse Fairy Garden