Welcome To The Handy Gas Man


Unfortunately, due to the current state of things with Covid and the economy, we will have to close our brick and mortar store in Hampstead by the end of May. BUT we are not giving up! The Handy Gas Man WILL continue to do service work as normal! Creative Caboodle will be moving some things to a booth at Our Yard Your Sale in Hampstead inside DDT Outlet (to start it will be mostly our paint line and craft supplies). We will be looking to open up a booth in another place soon after we close. We will still have an online store as well! Our phone number will be staying the same 910-406-1555. We choose to look at this as a new beginning rather than a sad ending! Some day we will open another shop so stay informed by following our facebook pages! We will post updates as they come. Thanks to all of you that have supported our little business, we hope you continue to do so as we go through this major change. We pray that you are all blessed with health and happiness always!